Long String of Warm, Dry Weather in Illinois

I have updated the plots of statewide monthly temperature and precipitation departures that start in January 2011 and include July 2012. We struggled with dry weather in 2011 but saw some recovery in November and December. However, every month in 2012 has been below normal. In addition, the last three months have shown increasingly larger departures with July being the worst.

Statewide monthly precipitation departures from normal for Illinois. Click to enlarge.

The statewide monthly temperature departures from January 2011 to July 2012 show that 2011 was a moderately warm year with 9 out of 12 months above normal. But the really warm weather (relative to the time of year) started in November 2011 and never really stopped through July of this year.
Statewide average temperature departures from normal for Illinois. Click to enlarge.

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