Snowfall Totals from around Illinois

The winter storm of February 1-2, 2011, will be remembered by many in northern and central Illinois. The National Weather Service (NWS) did an excellent job of producing forecasts and warnings on this storm. In the aftermath, we have began collecting the snowfall measurements from a variety of networks. Rather than list all the data here, I have provided some links to data sources.
Snowfall totals and some maps provided by NWS offices are available here:

Here is a preliminary look at snowfall totals across the Midwest. Snowfall amounts in excess of 12 inches extend from Oklahoma, into Missouri, the northern half of Illinois, and on into northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

Experimental Hour Snowfall Analysis
Preliminary snowfall totals map for the February 1-2, 2011 storm (NWS image).

And zooming in on northern Illinois.
Snowfall totals for the February 1-2, 2011, event in northern IL (NWS image).

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  1. What a welcome to us this was. Having just moved to Illinois last summer, this blizzard amazed me as being in Arizona we never got snow. Even my dad who lived in Chicagoland most of his life went out on Feb 2nd morning to take pictures of the driveway and everything.

  2. Looks like Accuweather forcast for this year predicts above normal snowfall for Chicagoland. In fact, they’re saying “In late December and into January, the Midwest may be in an ideal position for a big storm. Conditions could align to bring Chicago a winter storm in time for the holidays.”
    We’ll see if all comes to fruition though.
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