U.S. Drought Monitor: "Abnormally Dry" to central Illinois

This week’s U.S. Drought Monitor noted a region considered “Abnormally Dry” across central Illinois. This is a result of three things: below-normal precipitation over the last 90 days, much above-normal temperatures (which have increased evaporation), and streamflows that are much below-normal for this time of year. On that last point, streams are normally bank-full and then some, so being much below-normal still means there is water flowing.
At this point, there have been no significant negative impacts reported. In the short-term, the warm, dry weather is beneficial for field work. However, it is an area that we will watch in the future.

U.S. Drought Monitor for conditions as of March 27, 2012. Click to enlarge.

Precipitation departures in Illinois over the last 90 days. Click to enlarge.

USGS supplied streamflows. Click to enlarge.

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