Illinois Site Close to State Record

The statewide average precipitation for 2011 in Illinois was 45.62 inches, 5.43 inches above normal, making it the 10th wettest year on record. The largest precipitation totals for the year came from southern Illinois. In fact, one site – Du Quoin – came close to reaching the statewide record of 74.58 inches set at New Burnside in 1950.
Here are the outstanding annual precipitation totals for 2011:

  1. 72.11 inches at Du Quoin
  2. 70.77 inches at Cairo
  3. 70.58 inches at Grand Chain Dam
  4. 69.97 inches at Carbondale
  5. 69.16 inches at Murphysboro
  6. 66.89 inches at Olney
  7. 66.41 inches at Grayville
  8. 66.18 inches at Brookport Dam
  9. 64.50 inches at Mt. Vernon
  10. 63.98 inches at Shawneetown

However, not everyone was so wet in 2011. A few sites in central and western Illinois reported 30 inches or less. These include Lake Springfield with 25.34 inches, Illinois City Dam #16 with 27.47 inches. One of the driest major cities was Springfield with 30.61 inches, reported at the airport.
We are waiting for final reports from several sites. As a result, there could be more locations added to the wettest and driest spots in Illinois in 2011.

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