Warm November So Far in Illinois

November so far has been 11 degrees above normal for Illinois. The temperature departure map for November below has a “shades of cranberry sauce” theme appropriate for Thanksgiving. Temperature departures for November 1-6 range from 8 to 14 degrees above normal across the state.
And the warmer than normal weather is likely to continue. The forecasts out to 14 days show the trend towards warmer conditions. Also, the NWS forecast for the month of November shows Illinois and most of the US with an increased chance of above-normal temperatures. off15_temp
Most of Illinois has received at least some precipitation in November. The one area of concern is far southern Illinois where little rain fell in October too.
The NWS outlook for November precipitation shows that the dryness in southern Illinois is likely to continue.
That area in the southeastern US is already in some stage of drought, according to the US Drought Monitor. So it is certainly worth watching southern Illinois as we move through November.

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