November – Warm and Dry Across US

Normally I write about Illinois, but the warm, dry weather experienced across Illinois so far in November covers a much larger area.
Here are the temperature departures from normal across the US. Almost all of the US has experienced well above-normal temperatures (except the East Coast). Illinois has been running about 8 degrees above normal. However, the temperature departures in the upper Midwest and the High Plains are 9 to 15 degrees above normal. The NWS forecast indicates that this pattern of warmer temperatures will persist for the rest of November.
Here are the precipitation maps for November. Rains have been widespread across Texas New Mexico, and Arizona, as well as along the West Coast north of San Francisco. Some rain has fallen across central Illinois and parts of other Midwestern states. However, large areas of the US received less than 0.1 inches. Areas in gray have received no rain at all. 
The second map shows the precipitation as a percent of normal. Other than the Southwest, most of the US is well below normal on precipitation. Areas in red are less than 10% and gray areas are less than 2%.

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