Warm Start to March in Illinois

After a mild winter, temperatures continue to be well above average for March in Illinois and the other Midwestern states. Illinois is running about 6 to 8 degrees above average (map below), as are Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and eastern Missouri and Iowa through March 13. The warmer than average conditions are even stronger in the western portion of the Midwest. Temperature departures of 9 to 12 degrees are common in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and western Iowa and Missouri.

For Illinois in particular, the statewide average temperature for March currently stands at 44.3 degrees, 6.6 degrees above average. If we maintain that departure to the end of the month, we could be the 7th warmest March on record. March 2012 remains the warmest March on record with temperature departures of 14.2 degrees above average.

According to the latest numbers, Illinois just experienced its 5th warmest winter (4.8 degrees above average), and its 3rd warmest fall on record (3.3 degrees above average). Statewide records go back to 1895.


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