Trouble Continues on the Missouri River

The US Corps of Engineers put out a press release today on the continued problems on the Missouri River due to the drought. From the release,

Based on the current soil moisture and snowpack conditions, 2013 runoff in the Missouri River basin above Sioux City, Iowa is forecast to be 20.5 million acre feet, 81 percent of normal.  Runoff for the month of March was 55 percent of normal.

Full press release
At this time, 75 percent of the Missouri River Basin is in some stage of drought according to the US Drought Monitor. In addition 52 percent of the Upper Mississippi River Basin (above St. Louis) is in drought. See map below. Closer to home, recent rains and melted snow have kept the Mississippi River on the western boundary of Illinois in good shape this spring.

U.S. Drought Monitor.
U.S. Drought Monitor.

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