Latest Monthly and Season Outlook for Illinois

The NWS Climate Prediction Center released their latest outlooks for February and upcoming seasons. So far, Illinois has been warm and wet in January. The statewide average temperature is 3.5 degrees above normal. Statewide precipitation is at 1.6 inches, 0.5 inches above normal. The rest of January looks like more of the same weather.


Illinois has equal chances (EC) of above, below, and near-normal temperature in February. Illinois has an increased chance of wetter than normal conditions in February. Click to enlarge.


Illinois has EC for temperatures and an increased chance of above-normal precipitation for February through April.

May – July

Illinois has an increased chance of above-normal temperatures for May through July. They aren’t saying anything about our precipitation, but they rarely do during the warmer months. So much of our summer precipitation depends on short-term conditions.

August – October

Illinois has an increased chance of warmer than normal conditions in August through October, as does the rest of the United States. Illinois has EC for precipitation.

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