Wet July in Illinois

The thunder is rumbling outside my window as I write this.Here is the radar/rain-gauge estimated rainfall for July (first map). Areas in green received only 1 to 2 inches, yellow 2 to 3 inches, oranges and reds 4 to 10 inches.

The second map shows these rains as a departure from normal for the first 18 days of July. There are several bands of above-normal rainfall across north-central and central Illinois. But the largest rainfall departures of plus 4 to 8 inches are in counties south of Carbondale.

The three wettest spots in Illinois as of this morning are Rosiclare wth 10.70 inches, Smithland Lock and Dam with 9.66 inches, and Carbondale with 9.49 inches. One of the driest spots in the state is Mundelein (Lake County) with 0.91 inches.

Illinois is not the only wet state in July. Substantial rains have fallen across Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and much of Indiani.

Departure from Normal

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