June 2015 – Wet Across the Midwest

June 2015 has been wet across the Midwest and we still have 12 more days in the month. Wet conditions extend from Kansas/Nebraska and eastward through Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Amounts in those areas are in the 4 to 8 inch range.

Monthly totals from a few stations are in the 10 inch range, including 10.44 inches at Lacon, IL (north of Peoria) and 10.41 inches in Stockton, IL (in the northwest corner).

While this is very preliminary, the statewide average precipitation is 5.3 inches for June. The monthly average is 4.2 inches, so we would already have an above-average month if it stopped raining today. The record for June is 8.27 inches set in 1902.


For Illinois, the heaviest amounts fell across northern Illinois and just to the southeast of St. Louis (first map). As the second map shows, all of Illinois has been above-average but the standout area is northern Illinois with precipitation 3 to 5 inches above average.

The impacts have included flooding of rivers and streams, as well as roadways and many low-lying areas.

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