Cool, Wet Start to September in Illinois

No surprise – the first half of September was very wet across much of Illinois. And it is raining across central Illinois as I write this.  Temperatures for the first half of September are 3 to 4 degrees below average in Illinois.

The first map show the accumulated precipitation for the Midwest. The largest precipitation totals occurred in western Illinois, southern Iowa, western and northern Missouri, as well as parts of eastern Nebraska and eastern Kansas. A second area of heavy precipitation occurred in northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan. For agriculture, having this much rain at the end of the growing season is probably not welcome.

The second map shows the temperature departures from average across the Midwest. For Illinois, the coolest departures from average occurred in western Illinois – no surprise due to all the rain and cloudiness there. Temperatures were cooler-than-average across the Corn Belt but the departures became increasingly stronger when moving westward and northward.



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