April in Illinois: Part II – Plots

Here are the temperature and precipitation departures for every month in 2013 and 2014.

In the first plot you can see the remarkable string of 6 months in a row with below-average temperatures. The statewide average temperature for November-April was 31.6 degrees, 5.6 degrees below average. It was the fourth coldest November-April and tied with November 1935-April 1936. The coldest was November 1903-April 1904, which was 30.6 degrees, a full degree colder.

What hasn’t received as much notice is that we have run on the dry side since July 2013 (second plot). This April was the first significantly wet month since June 2013. The statewide precipitation deficit since July 1, 2013 is 6.1 inches.



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