Snowfall Map from the March 24-25 Snowstorm

Here is a great product from the NWS ( showing the snowfall totals of the last two days. I chose the last two days since some snow from the event fell before 7 am on Sunday. The heaviest amounts were concentrated over central Illinois, including 18.5 inches at Springfield. It was very impressive for a late season snowfall. NWS Lincoln has a listing of the snowfall totals from the storm.

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  1. Nice map! I was on the edge of that 18″ blob. It started snowing by about 4-5:00 AM, and I had thundersnow around 11 AM Sunday. If the snow had continued a few more hours, the front of my home would have drifted over. By Monday AM I had snow halfway up the side of the house, and an overhanging drift that obscured the upper half of my windows, they almost met. It was a very wet snow, and had it been drier, it would have been much deeper. Thank God for snow throwers!
    I have not seen snow like that here since 1982.

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