Drought Pictures

Here are some photos from our student intern that shows conditions on a farm near Sigel Illinois. They were all taken on or around July 1.

Remains of a corn field near Sigel Illinois, taken on July 1, 2012. Click to enlarge.

Cutting down corn for silage near Sigel Illinois. Fortunately, this was a dairy operation so they could still salvage something out of the crop. Click to enlarge.

What used to be a farm pond is now gone. Also note the condition of the pasture. Click to enlarge.

Here are some photos I took in Champaign County this afternoon (July 5), just west of Champaign. At the time it was 99 degrees, according to Willard Airport (Champaign).
Looking down the rows of stressed corn. This was at 1:30 pm. Click to enlarge.

Stressed soybean field showing “leaf flipping”. You could see entire fields like this. Click to enlarge.

No, I’m not 12 feet tall. The corn behind me is only 3 foot tall and tasseling. There were also a lot of weeds, which means it was probably too dry for herbicide to work well. Click to enlarge.

If you have any pictures of the impact of this year’s drought that you would like to share, please let me know. I’m especially interested in pictures related to agriculture or water supplies (ponds, rivers, lakes). Just send me a note in the comments and I’ll get back to you to work out the logistics. Thanks.

4 Replies to “Drought Pictures”

  1. Jim,
    Comparing the 88 vs current crop ratings is difficult due to plant developent….now record tasseling-silking…..”water demand” difference…..
    Frm my long experience, a stressed-flowering corn plant looks more stressed than a plant that is
    1-2 wks from tasseling.

  2. I have pictures of drought stressed corn in Marion and Jefferson counties from today and two weeks ago. Let me know how to send them to you.

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