World View of March Temperatures

One of the advantages of using satellites to measure temperatures is that you can get a world view, even over the oceans. The University of Alabama-Huntsville produced this map of temperature departures around the globe for March 2012. The temperature departures are in degrees Celsius, so if you double them you can get a ballpark idea of the temperature departures in degree F.
The area of much above normal temperatures are clearly seen in much of the U.S. and Canada. Warmer than normal temperatures were also found in western Europe and the north-central Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, colder than normal temperatures were seen in Alaska and parts of eastern Europe and northern Asia. The Southern Hemisphere was much quieter.
On a monthly time scale, it is very common when certain areas are experiencing unusual conditions that other areas are experiencing the exact opposite. The global temperature departures for March 2012 from the satellite data was calculated at +0.11 degrees Celsius (+0.2 degrees F).

Global temperature departures in the lower atmosphere for March 2012. Map courtesy of the University of Alabama-Hunstville and Dr. John Christy. Click to enlarge.

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