Tenth Wettest February for Illinois

The statewide average precipitation in Illinois for February was 3.39 inches, 1.46 inches above normal and the tenth wettest February since statewide records began in 1895. Precipitation includes rainfall and the water content of any snow (and freezing rain, sleet, snow pellets as was the case in February). See maps below (click to enlarge). The highest monthly precipitation total in Illinois was 7.05 inches in Paris.
Snowfall was above normal in February across much of Illinois thanks to the February 1-2 winter storm.  Snowfall totals for the month ranged from just under 4.5 inches in southeastern Illinois to over 20 inches across much of northern Illinois. The highest monthly snowfall total in Illinois was 30.5 inches in Spring Grove.
Some outstanding monthly snowfall totals include Chicago with their snowiest February on record with 29.0 inches; Rockford with their fifth snowiest February on record with 20.2 inches, Peoria with their second snowiest February on record with 20.9 inches, and Springfield with their fourth snowiest February on record with 16.5 inches.
The statewide average temperature in Illinois for February was 29.5 degrees, 0.7 degrees below normal. The highest temperature for February in Illinois was 78 degrees in Waterloo on February 21. The lowest temperature for February was -22 degrees in Elizabeth on February 10.

February 2011 precipitation.

February 2011 precipitation departure.

February 2011 snowfall.

February 2011 snowfall departure.

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