Now 4th Wettest June on Record in Illinois

Right now the statewide precipitation average of 7.20 inches makes this the 4th wettest June on record. Statewide records go back to 1895. Here are the top 5 …

  1. 8.37 inches in 1902
  2. 7.68 inches in 1998
  3. 7.31 inches in 1928
  4. 7.20 inches in 2010 (as of June 25)
  5. 7.13 inches in 2000

With rain in the NWS forecast for the weekend, it is possible to move up to third or perhaps even second place. However, it would take widespread heavy rains to beat 1902. By the way, normal statewide June rainfall is 4.1 inches.
Of the ten wettest Junes, in 7 out of 10 cases rainfall returned to within an inch of normal conditions in July and August. Only in 1993 did the wet conditions persist into July and August. Only in 1945 and 1947 did we experience much drier conditions in July and August.
Meanwhile temperatures have been above normal for June so far. The statewide average temperature of 74.9 degrees is 3.6 degrees above normal. This is now the tenth warmest June on record (as of June 25). The warmest June on record for Illinois is 1934 with 78.5 degrees. The only recent year in the top 10 list is 2005 with 74.8 degrees.

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